There is a lot of preparation before a final image is complete. All of this development work is documented through both a working diary and notebooks and this section aims to reveal some of the ideas and inspiration behind Yvette’s portfolio, including diary extracts and preparation sketches. Over time more profiles will be added, starting with the image Senorita, from the Glamour portfolio.


“Senorita has many influences from the art of the Golden Age, the wrought ironwork and architecture of the Eiffel Tower and the music of Bizet’s Carmen, hence the Spanish theme and the name Senorita. The asymmetry, the elongated figure, intricate decoration and glamour are all trademarks of this period.  

Gold embellishment and decoration adorn the figure, and this effect gives Senorita a regal air, a sense of history and substance; much like iconography. The decoration is not just embellishment the scales look like armour and the lacework like wrought iron, but this strength is softened by the art nouveau style roses and feminine curves whilst the earthy tones of red, ochre and brown imbue warmth.

The sister image Belle Époque hints at the corresponding period of art history that this work was influenced by. The colour scheme of purple and gold is a powerful combination because it imparts an imperial air and the complementary colours have a dazzling impact.

Both works have a dramatic elegance and a demeanour associated with royalty. They were created much like an architectural structure, timeless and strong with a sense of history. A strong but mysterious identity as her back is turned she can become all women but iconic and singular at the same time. She has an overall unified visual impact but the details give her depth and substance.” (Extract from Yvette’s working diary)

Senorita Sketch

The journey does not end on completion of the work; it is still open to interpretation, which defines it even further. Licensing also adds another dimension, because the work can end up on a variety of different products. Senorita, to date has graced all manner of products, starting with fine art, and moving on to cosmetics, craft products and fashion accessories. She has even made her way on to one of the UK’s most popular sit-coms: Coronation Street. (See News Pages)

As an artist it is fascinating to follow the journey which licensing affords and it is endlessly intriguing to discover where Senorita will turn up next…